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Student Memberships Free
Use our accurate search tools to find local and regional scholarship applications that match your interests and activities. Not just a link—the real application!
Organize and manage scholarship opportunities with our "My Applications" tool.
Create a personal online profile to record activities, honors, and other involvements as they happen.
With one click, generate a well formatted resumé.
Generate filled-out, ready-to-submit applications at the touch of a button.
Open and fine-tune scholarship applications, pre-filled with your profile info.
Unlimited access to our "Essay Manager".


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Convert all scholarships that cross your desk to an online format.
Provide parents with online tools to facilitate and encourage their child's progress.
Notify students and parents of new scholarships and looming deadlines using MyAppCentral’s automated emails.
Send email notifications to students and/or parents within the organization.
Monitor and encourage student progress.
Option to receive local or organization scholarship submissions electronically.
Option to provide scholarship reviewers online access to scholarship submissions.
Provide students within your organization an easier way to apply for scholarships.

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