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MyAppCentral takes the drudgery out of filling out scholarship applications. Students enter their vital information ONE time, and our intelligent, automated tools do the rest, generating a crop of crisply filled-out, ready-to-submit applications.

Now, isn't that better than filling out dozens of applications by hand?

Our website features an ever-growing collection of scholarship applications, many of them available nowhere else online. With a MyAppCentral account, students can quickly locate the scholarships that fit their needs and add them to their personal list. They can download filled-out applications right away, or use our editing tools to fine-tune them as much as they need to.

  • Students -- MyAppCentral gives you the edge by increasing your application output.
  • Parents -- MyAppCentral takes a load off your mind.
  • Counselors -- MyAppCentral takes some work off your desk. Talk to us about creating a customized experience for your local students.

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